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We offer a complete classical ballet program with certification by world’s most influential dance education and training organisation - Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). RAD (UK) is recognised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and qualifications by RAD (UK) are placed on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The Ballet School students are groomed to be well-rounded and versatile. With Ballet being the core of all dance techniques, our students progressed to take up various dance genre like Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Dancesport.

Graded Ballet

The Ballet School offers a complete classical ballet programme for male and female. Students begin their training from the Pre-Primary and Primary levels progressing into 8 Graded levels and 6 Vocational levels. Beginners as young as 3.5years old with no upper age limits are welcome to join the programme all the way up to advanced and professional level. We coach our students towards the preeminent certification by RAD (UK). This programme is suitable for students who are looking for a systematic measurement of progress and attainment.


Ballet (Open Class)

It is never too late to begin ballet training. Ballet is a full body work out that actively engages every inch of ones’ muscles while one dance. It is a fun form of strength training as one works the grace and poise. This class is suited for late-starters who wish to pursue their dream of becoming a ballerina or has the interest to study ballet for personal enrichment or fitness. All ages and capabilities are welcome as our proficient instructors pace classes according to the respective class needs.


Hip Hop

Enjoy the fun-filled dance styles through grooving to the hottest beat and latest tunes! Hip Hop brings out the funk in your soul.



Dancesport denotes competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing. Children and Adult Standard and Latin classes are offered to spur the grace and elegance in you!



Jazz moves incorporate elements of Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance techniques danced to popular music. Dancers get to develop strength, control, ease of movements and spatial awareness through Jazz.



A fun and interesting way of creating percussive sounds through the tapping of syncopated rhythms with the metal plates on the soles of the tap shoes. Cognitive abilities are enhanced, as tap dancers develop both mental and muscle memory while working towards proficiency in tapping. Tap your way through like RIVERDANCE!

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